#OOH ‘Fast Flex’ Announced By @Global

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Global, the Media and Entertainment group, is rolling out a brand-new product today which will give Out of Home advertisers far greater flexibility with bus advertising campaigns.

‘Fast Flex’ from Global will give advertisers, for the first time ever, the opportunity to post national or local bus advertising campaigns reaching up to 16 million people across the UK, within 72* hours of booking. This is enhanced with the additional benefit of greater date flexibility and absolute peace of mind should there be further lockdowns, with campaigns guaranteed to be removed within 48** hours.

Ollie Deane, Director of Commercial Outdoor at Global, said: “I’m very excited about the launch of Fast Flex. Advertisers have asked us to create a product that enables them to reach either local or national audiences at speed, scale and with flexibility. But importantly we also recognised the need to provide advertisers with complete comfort and protection should there be further lockdowns. Fast Flex delivers on all of this, with a format much loved by advertisers. At Global we remain firmly committed to continue creating market leading solutions for outdoor advertisers to reach audiences at scale across the UK.”

Global’s latest product, launched following significant client feedback during #Covid19, enhances its existing Out of Home offering. The roll out of Fast Flex is Global’s solution to helping advertisers launch dynamic bus campaigns with a far greater degree of flexibility than ever made available before. Fast Flex gives advertisers the ability to create immediate high street and community presence at speed and at scale across every city in the UK, and with the additional benefit of total brand comfort in the event of further lockdowns. ‘Fast Flex’ means that for the first time ever, bus campaigns can be both reactive and topical.

The announcement from Global comes as new figures highlight a continued rise in road traffic volumes and increased footfall in retail areas across the UK, according to the latest figures from leading footfall tracking firm Springboard. Bus audiences have also returned to near pre-lockdown levels, with people making more journeys in their local areas, according to AccuWeather data.

*72 hours start from when Global receive approved artwork. Approved artwork required by 1pm, later delivery may affect posting timeframe. Global must handle production.

**48 hours guaranteed for at least 90% of campaign inventory.

A regional lockdown is defined as a government ruling that restricts people to their homes similar to one imposed in April 2020.

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