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Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We often get asked at DailyDOOH, who we are (it’s not just me ‘typing’ all the time), what we do and how we make money? (we make money by hard graft, Ed)

Our business is predominantly industry analysis, market research and a fair amount of interim management, strategy and consultancy. We are working on a number of incredibly exciting projects at the moment – some of which won’t see the light of day until Spring 2008 but which all help the company payroll and keep the lights on in the office (and the servers running in the Data Centre!!)

Industry analysis, commercial and technical due diligence with VCs and investors is also one of our main / regular revenue streams.

Anyway, one of the things common in a number of geographies is the amount of industry veterans – folks who have been in the business 5 – 10 years and who have worked on many of the pioneering / prestigious projects (you can tell they are ‘pioneers’ from all the arrows in their backs) – who are now branching out on their own and forming new companies.

In the UK for example, Chris Heap who many of you will know from his time at CAN Media has just setup a new business called the Imperative Group which will be officially announced next week.

The Imperative Group has been formed to provide a wide range of NPD, project management, business development and marketing services to out of home media owners, suppliers and technology providers.

The Group draws on over 10 years of practical experience gained specifically in the dooh media sector for a number of significant market leading consultancies and agencies, applied on their behalf across digital network brands in the UK and US including BPtv, Pret, The Mall Corporation, Tesco TV, Shell, Jewson TV and Safeway.

Tim Butler who some of you will have dealt with in his previous role as Head of Digital Delivery at CBS Outdoor has setup a new business called Butler Digital Outdoor and there will be a number of announcements from them by the beginning of May we believe.

And last but not least, Damien Edmonds most recently Marketing Director at Eye Corporation, a chap with a hell of a lot of skill, knowledge, experience and know how with marketing and media buying (he describes himself as a broad media practitioner) has recently setup as a consultant. Damien has already been doing work for a couple of screen networks that we know of (both in the UK and further afield) as well as lecturing (University of Westminster and London School of Marketing) as well as completing his Chartered Marketer status with the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) in July 2008.

Damien can be contacted via email; or on Skype: damien.edmonds or found on LinkedIn – Damien Edmonds

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