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#OOH @GeopathOOH Industry Currency Expansion

Geopath, the not-for-profit organization that provides the industry-standard currency for out-of-home (OOH) advertising, has announced that measured inventory available in the Geopath Insights Suite increased by 50% since the integration of place-based screens into the platform in April of last year.

With 48 place-based members to date, accounting for hundreds of thousands of OOH advertising spots, Geopath’s place-base measurement provides impressions, reach and frequency, across thousands of audience segments for place-based advertising, including signage in gyms, bars, amusement parks, stadiums, malls, airports, retail environments, cinemas, grocery stores and many other venues.

As the most comprehensive source of place-based measurement, Geopath allows buyers and sellers to have a more holistic view of the total OOH advertising ecosystem. With its partner, data enablement and processing company, Intermx, Geopath will add over 160,000 more place-based spots in the coming months. This comes as Nielsen announced that it is decommissioning its place-based video networks measurement service.

Kym Frank, President, Geopath told us “Buyers and sellers of OOH advertising can better justify spending in the channel when there is a unified, apples-to-apples currency across all forms of OOH, DOOH and VOOH. We worked with a committee of buyers and sellers to develop a methodology that provides accurate measurement for each unique screen across a multitude of venues that is on par with the data we provide our roadside and transit members.

“We received an overwhelming response from owners of place-based media to the roll-out of our methodology – encompassing inventory in locations such as airports, bars, malls, restaurants, stadiums, gyms and office buildings. We welcome any companies that were previously measured by Nielsen to reach out to us about joining our organization. We would love to have you among our growing tri-partite membership. Measuring OOH/DOOH/VOOH is our top and only priority, so we can offer them state-of-the-art measurement that will not be deprioritized or discontinued.”

Christina Radigan, Managing Director, Marketing and Communications, Outdoor Media Group (OMG) said “We applaud Geopath’s initiative to expand its standardized audience measurement for traditional Out-of-Home to place-based formats. Having the opportunity to evaluate media impressions in venues such as malls, airports, or office buildings under the same lens as traditional OOH allows us to evaluate the full delivery of our campaigns. What’s more, standardized metrics facilitate more credible attribution models, something with which we continually strive to enhance.”

For more information on Geopath’s Insights Suite and place-based audience measurement click here [1].