UK In-Person Events, Coming Up

Russ Curry, Ministry of New Media

At some point soon we figure that it will be easier to keep track of actual in-person event happenings, rather than continue to list endless cancellations and to report on the increasing number of me-too, copycat virtual events.

In some good news, just briefly then: –

  • #AVWorksEvent is the UK’s only event focused on AV tech’s pivotal new role in the work space. It takes place October 2, 2020 at etc.venues 155, Bishopsgate, London. More information can be found here.
  • It’s good to see POPAI UK and Ireland NOT take the easy option and host a virtual conference but instead plump for a proper, good old-fashioned, in-person Autumn Shopper Seminar. It takes place October 7, 2020 in Manchester, UK.
  • At the time of writing AV Magazine’s #AVAwards is still taking place on its re-scheduled date of Friday November 20, 2020 although there are strong rumours that this event will be cancelled shortly. The #AVAwards web site has said for many months now “No matter what happens, we’re ready to roll. Our new platforms will allow you to take part even with social distancing restrictions in place. Book your table today and plan for a memorable evening! More information about our adaptable event model and flexible booking options coming very soon…” yet there has been no updates and it’s hard to see how last year’s 1,400 person event can be recreated in any way this year.

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