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Posterscope Collaborates w/ @SignkickTech

Media specialist Posterscope and Signkick, fast becoming ‘the’ technology partner for media owners, have announced a collaboration that will enable Signkick’s media owner customers to fast-track their connection with Posterscope’s proprietary automated trading platforms.

[1]Signkick’s chief commercial officer, Andy Hamblin told us “Using the OpenDirect methodology, media owners create a direct connection to buyers through Signkick Trading Bridge. They choose which buyer connection to deploy and the software handles the many translations and changes required to run availability checks and complete bookings from multiple different systems. For Signkick, it’s about enabling a more open and connected era of OOH trading. As an industry, we know what we need to do. But technically making that happen is proving more difficult than most imagined. By deploying Signkick Trading Bridge to handle their connection with automated buyers, media owners can fast-track their way to friction-free programmatic trading and unlock the true potential of their digital Out of Home investment.”.

The two companies have prebuilt a direct, live and OpenDirect compliant connection between Signkick’s Trading Bridge software and Posterscope’s automated buying platforms ECOS and ECOS NOW [2].

This prebuilt connection enables Posterscope to book near real-time, programmatic campaigns with any media owner who is using Signkick Trading Bridge to manage their automated transactions; a list which already includes Clear Channel UK, Wold Outdoor, Admedia, City Outdoor, ACMS and Limited Space.

Gavin Lee, Chief Technology Officer, Posterscope said “What we’re finding is that even with the OpenDirect specification, there is still a huge amount of work to be done to connect a buyer and seller’s unique systems. For media owners using Signkick Trading Bridge, we know that connection is ready to go and will be consistently maintained, giving us the confidence to push new bookings through it right away”.

However, it’s not just about automating existing transactions. For Posterscope, it’s about complementing over 30 years’ experience creating effective campaigns for brands, infusing it with the latest technology and data then building campaigns that really benefit the brands they work with. An approach that is already enticing new advertisers and revenue to the medium.

With the release of ECOS NOW, that’s exactly what Posterscope is championing. With a live connection to the availability of media owners using Signkick Trading Bridge, Posterscope is able to plan and purchase the optimal campaign solution for advertisers based on specific data, exactly when it will perform best and deliver it in near real-time. An exciting proposition for advertisers.

Late last year, Signkick announced a prebuilt connection with iDooh, the automated trading platform used by GroupM. With the addition of Posterscope, media owners using Signkick Trading Bridge will have friction-free access to three of the UK’s powerhouse automated buyers, with more announcements coming very soon.

For other media owners excited by the idea of connecting their inventory with automated buyers, opportunities exist. With a connection now pre-built with both GroupM’s iDooh and now Posterscope’s ECOS NOW, any media owner – large or small – can use Signkick’s Trading Bridge software to fast-track their way to new automated revenue.