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Industry Weapon Acquired By @TweetSpectrio

Spectrio [1], a leading provider of customer engagement technology, announced last week that it has acquired Industry Weapon, a digital signage company based in Pittsburgh, PA.

The acquisition further augments Spectrio’s suite of digital solutions, enhancing its strategic communications capabilities and adding scalable third-party integration solutions to meet the needs of global brands.

Industry Weapon works with clients to develop and execute strategic communications using its flexible platform and an integrated app store. Industry Weapon’s technology offers scalable integrations ranging from enhanced event calendars to applications including point-of-sale, business system KPIs, emergency alert systems, and more.

Dax Brady-Sheehan, Spectrio CEO said “As we continue to build and enhance Spectrio’s customer engagement technology, we know the Industry Weapon team will bring valuable technical knowledge and insight.”

With the acquisition, Industry Weapon clients will be able to integrate their brand and messages seamlessly across additional customer touchpoints, using Spectrio’s customer engagement suite that includes Interactive Kiosks, On-Premise Messaging and Music, On-Hold Marketing, Wi-Fi Marketing, and Scent Marketing. Spectrio clients will gain additional enhancements for digital services, content, and strategic integrations.