Supplement in The Times

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

MediaPlanet are producing a supplement for The Times newspaper, UK mainland (excluding Scotland) on Digital Signage.

It appears to be mainly advertorial so what worth it will have to someone trying to learn something beyond the basics we are not sure but it’s definitely an opportunity for the big boys to get their message more mainstream and it’s good that ‘digital signage’ will be in a national newspaper (indeed having its own section).

We know of one solutions company that has been looking at potentially sponsoring the Consumer Behaviour page and we are pretty sure that Scala have committed to page 3 which is all about the history of Digital Signage.

It’s due for publication on the 17th April, 2008 we believe although we expect that date might slip considerably as, if expected, they struggle to fill it with sponsors and advertisers.

Given the credibility of the Times this is a very attractive proposition for those that can afford it (err Broadsign where are you?).

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