Big Media Group Appoints Liquidators

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We are saddened to have to announce that Big Media Group, a screen network company in the UK that we have held in high regard has just appointed Liquidators.

We believe that the Liquidators will be looking, if possible, for someone to take over the existing 250 screen network in order to secure the interests of their customers.

Introduction Profile

Big Media Group is the fastest growing digital retail media solutions provider. Big Media Group can offer a tailored made digital retail media business solution for any retail environment on a global scale.

Company Overview

Our solution branded “Big Media” is a fully integrated turn key digital retail media business package. We are the first company to provide a truly integrated fully managed and maintained offering for any retail environment. Our core markets include forecourts, convenience stores, estate agents, pharmacys, opticians, and travel agents to name a few.


3 Responses to “Big Media Group Appoints Liquidators”

  1. Miss D Smith Says:

    Sad to hear about Big Media Group going into liquidation. Would anyone know the name of the liquidators?

  2. T Goodyear Says:

    Oh dear. In this economic downturn things are so difficult. A shame for a great concept!

  3. John Says:

    Good. They were the worst company that I ever went into business with. Their service was terrible and they over charged me on many occasions. I lost out on alot of money when they went bust…Good riddance.

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