New Programmatic Annual Subscriptions From @AdSemble

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

AdSemble is empowering Small Businesses to take advantage of the exciting new world of programmatic digital out of home advertising with the launch of three simple annual subscription plans.

Starting today, any small business can register for a free account on and choose one of these programmatic subscription plans to supercharge their Marketing and Branding efforts heading into the new year.

The programmatic subscription plans include three tiers: Bronze, Silver and Gold. In all instances, the user will first define a zip code and/or Audience Profile. Next, they can optionally further refine and target their budget to a specified radius. Finally, they will launch their campaign, completely self-service, and be able to match various forms of attribution data sets to track ROI — All directly inside their Open Display dashboard.

Perhaps the most interesting element of the entire process, is the Real-Time DOOH A/B Creative testing tool, which is available at the Gold level subscription. This allows users to know which creative they should proceed with prior to launching their campaign. Users will be able to submit two versions of their DOOH creative and obtain Live survey feedback from their precise audience profile on which version of the creative is better and why. This will allow the Advertiser to put the right message out into the world to Maximize their ROI.

Founder & CEO, Matthew J. Olivieri told us “AdSemble has been a pioneer in the Digital Out of Home and programmatic DOOH space since our founding back in 2008. Over the course of the last 10+ years we have consistently been forward thinking in bringing innovation in our products and services to fill voids and match user demand. Today, we take another important step in addressing yet another pitfall affecting everyone who launches a DOOH campaign; Specifically, How do you know the creative you have designed is even what your audience wants to see before you invest in a campaign? We are proud and excited to once again take the lead in this critical first step nobody else is talking about”.

To learn more about the new Annual Programmatic Subscription plans click here.

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