Mesmerize POC Partnership with Benasource

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Out-of-home media company Mesmerize, who specialise in patient education at the point of care, announced the expansion of its pharmacy network through a partnership with Benasource, a group purchasing organisation that combines the power of hundreds of independent pharmacies to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions.

Vinesh Darji, Benasource President said ““Mesmerize fully understands the importance of local independent pharmacies and the benefits they provide patients and their communities. Partnering with Mesmerize equips our member pharmacies with the tools they need to enhance their practice and provide the highest quality of patient care.”

Mesmerize brings great value to the Benasource GPO, by providing custom content for each pharmacy and the community that they serve.

The partnership includes the installation of Mesmerize’s digital screens, dynamically displaying timely and relevant health messaging in all 66 Benzer Pharmacies, a national chain with local spirit in each market. Mesmerize’s screens support the national initiatives of Benasource and educate their patients about specialty services while encouraging people to speak with their pharmacist, a reliable source for disease counseling, medication adherence, vaccinations, general health and wellness information, and #COVID19 concerns.

The Mesmerize pharmacy network is the largest national deployment of patient facing, integrated digital screens in independent pharmacies. Pharmacies play a critical role in providing patients with healthcare resources and are often the most accessible point of care for many patients.

Benasource represents a singular approach in group purchasing that enables independent pharmacies to achieve their financial goals by reducing their annual cost of goods via strategic alliances with wholesalers, low minimum purchase requirements and access to preferred partners in marketing, digital media, and other areas to help support organic growth.

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