JCDecaux Airport Launches ‘The Runway’

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

JCDecaux Airport has just launched ‘The Runway’, a rather nice run of 20 x 57″ double-sided digital screens in portrait, running the length of the luxury retail floor in Heathrow Terminal 5.

RUNWAY GENERICAs these are all in proximity to stores such as Prada, Bulgari, Tiffany and Paul Smith, JCDecaux Airport is positioning ‘The Runway’ as the advertising equivalent to the world’s greatest shopping streets: Bond Street, 5th Avenue and Avenue Montaigne.

This is the first time that these 40 faces are available in a stand-alone network and follows the recent Eyetracker research that proved the power of sequential advertising at airports. JCDecaux will offer the screens in a two-week campaign, targeting upmarket brands from fashion, fragrances and jewellery to luxury holidays and products.

Richard Malton, Marketing Director of JCDecaux Airport told us “The Runway’ provides the perfect audience and environment for luxury brands, with the flexibility to run multiple creatives. This is an opportunity for client to put their brand in a location that is more upmarket than Vogue or Elle with the added benefits that come from banks of sequential screens, as demonstrated by Eyetracker. We are already talking to a number of clients about this exciting proposition.”

Eyetracker – sequential viewing research

A key finding is that people on the move look around in a non-linear way, with their eyes flicking back and forth from the middle distance as they search for and are attracted by airport signage. Frequent repetition of the creative is important for advertisers to take advantage of this saccadic way of viewing, with passengers absorbing messages in rapid bursts, ‘stitching’ the creative together as they look at each screen for 0.3 seconds at a time, the outdoor industry average for digital.

Advertisers can benefit from this saccadic way of viewing by constantly refreshing the creative to attract the eye with multiple creative executions. It suggests that rather than running the same creative along a line of digital screens, advertisers should refresh their creative in banks of 3 to 4 screens so that passengers absorb these messages before reaching the next bank of screens where the message can be reinforced.

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  1. B. Woolsey Says:

    JCDecaux – great group of people as this team is DOOH at its best, Steve too bad we didn’t get the MAC to sign up for this model. However the Heathrow DS looks outstanding!!!

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