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#WeKeepGoing Says FRED & FARID

JCDecaux, has partnered with the global creative boutique FRED & FARID to develop a campaign using its Digital Street Furniture programs in four major U.S cities: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Boston.

Instead of taking a traditional B2B approach to reach new advertisers, FRED & FARID Los Angeles proposed an alternative initiative to address the emotional weight many Americans were collectively feeling, using JCDecaux’s inventory to display positive and encouraging messaging, reinforcing the feeling of belonging to these great cities. The agency crafted 150 slogans promoting resiliency and embracing the spirit of the four cities, in an effort to create goodwill. With a simple slogan ‘We Keep Going’ [1].

Fred & Farid (founders and chief creative officers) said “No big emotional statement. No hashtag or call-to-action. Just a fact: We keep going. Because that’s all we can do.”

The campaign will be displayed across JCDecaux’s Digital Network of 500 displays, as well as on static inventory in Los Angeles (Outfront/JCDecaux).


Client: JCDecaux (North America)
President & Co-CEO: Jean-Luc Decaux
Executive Vice President, Business Development & Properties: Gabrielle Brussel
Senior Director, Business Development & Properties: Jamie A. Morrissey
Production Coordinator: Maggie Eisenhardt
Production Assistant: Sam Scaglione

Agency: Fred & Farid Los Angeles
Chief Creative Officers: Fred & Farid
Creative Directors: Chelsea Steiger, Nicolas Berthier
Creatives: Hilary Smith, Jocelyn Lam, Laura Beck, Bridget Callahan
Business Directors: Nathan Smith, Peter Jacobs
Account Supervisor: Mariam Salcido

Agency: Fred & Farid New York
Chief Creative Officers: Fred & Farid
Executive Creative Director: Laurent Leccia
Creatives: Hajung Song, Ranjana Naik