JD Launches Jingpingguo

Tristan Cotterill

JD is upgrading measures to help brands create an omnichannel marketing strategy, including traffic and user management. The announcement, which was made at the JD Advertising & Marketing Summit last week in Beijing, comes ahead of the upcoming annual Singles Day promotion.

As the pandemic recedes in China and out of home advertising picks up, more and more brands im the country are looking to offline opportunities to expand reach. During the JD Advertising & Marketing Summit, JD announced its offline marketing brand Jingpingguo, which is part of JD’s omnichannel marketing strategy. Jingpingguo’s offline ad services integrate resources from five scenarios, ranging from residential compounds, supermarkets, travel, office and life services.

Paul Yan, President of JD Business Growth told us “Based on JD’s data, Jingpingguo can do customer profiles, and combine those with offline ad resources based on locations, helping the marketing initiatives reach even more precisely targeted customers.”

JD recently launched JD GOAL (Group,Osmosis,Advancing,Loyalty), which is a user growth methodology based on big data, that aims to make user management more precise.

JD GOAL can help increase long-term user value, and strengthen a brand’s membership pool, in order to promote user loyalty and growth. The methodology can be applied for new product launches, to expand target customers, to reach potential future customers, as well as increase marketing ROI.

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