Myanmar’s Leading #OOH Provider Adopts LMX Platform

Tristan Cotterill

Location Media Xchange (LMX), the independent supply-focussed arm of the Moving Walls group is launching their patented Out-of-Home audience measurement and sales automation solution in Myanmar. Ganad Media which is Myanmar’s leading provider for OOH advertising solutions, is pioneering the implementation in the country.

Thomas Day, Executive Director of Ganad Media Myanmar told us “We are committed to developing the robustness of OOH as a standalone channel, and creating the conditions that allow OOH to be planned, purchased and measured alongside the other key channels in this market; through greater segmentation and a better understanding of outcomes. As the leader in Out of Home in Myanmar, Ganad is poised to capitalise upon growth in the channel as the market develops and traditional audiences further fragment. Adding robust, mobile-based measurement and planning capabilities to our portfolio is a quantum leap forward for OOH. We are excited to share this with our Clients and Agency Partners in 2021 and surpass some of the traditional audience measurement techniques found in more developed markets”.

The technology adoption is in line with global trends around offline media. OOH media stakeholders are adopting data solutions that enable informed buying decisions. Ganad’s offering, which extends across digital, retail, transit and traditional media assets, will now be supplemented by planning and in-campaign audience performance analytics. Additionally, Ganad will now be able to automate proposal generation and booking processes that are traditionally done on presentation and spreadsheet software.

The LMX Registry and LMX Deals automation platform also enable Ganad to engage global media buyers in Singapore, London, Tokyo, New York, and other regional media agency hubs in a professional manner. Digital demand-side platforms have accelerated the consolidation of media buying at centralised trading desks. It is important for OOH media owners to be able to reach these teams with automated OOH deals and programmatic DOOH deals.

According to Deloitte, although Myanmar’s digital economy remains nascent, its penetration rates for Internet and mobile have been steadily increasing, and are closer towards the overall average for Southeast Asian economies. This obviously drives up the number of addressable audiences for Internet advertising. However, it also spells good news for “Outernet” advertising as the population becomes increasingly urban and mobile.

Srikanth Ramachandran, the founder and group CEO of Moving Walls, feels that it is common for an agency planner or an advertiser working from home in Singapore to plan and buy internet audiences in Myanmar. LMX vision is to deliver the same experience to plan and buy outernet (OOH) media of every kind – Classic, Digital and Transit. He said “There must be a buy-in for every beneficiary – with the LMX platform, screen owners gain the right data and technology while the advertisers get to optimise their spends and reach their target audiences. We are proud to deploy our technology through Ganad Myanmar, the OOH market leader in this region to provide their clients with outcome-driven tools for OOH media.”

Location Media Xchange (LMX) is a newly formed company under the Moving Walls group. It bills itself as the world’s first independent advertising technology company that is powered by a multi-sensor location media viewership measurement approach.

LMX has been designed for brands and marketers to be able to reach moving audiences where they spend most of their time. LMX provides a platform for marketers to profile locations based on the types of audiences around there and activate mobile and physical place-based media like digital billboards to reach them during this offline journey.

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