Liverpool Sees 2 x New D48s, Ahead of Nationwide Rollout

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

UK media owner OPEN Media are launching two brand new D48 screens in Liverpool. The screens are situated at the entrance to one of the largest and busiest retail hubs in the city and dominate a busy A-road.

OPEN Media Managing Director Mike Smith told us “Despite the challenges of 2020, OPEN has remained true to its promise to invest and grow our team and portfolio. Supporting our strategy, we are investing in new cities with strong premium roadside and large format city centre locations. Liverpool is the start of the rollout and we hope to be up to 25 D48 locations by 2021. Our new networks help brands and advertisers reach new audiences, delivering incremental reach to clients campaigns and driving cut through.”

Each screen is located in very close proximity to Liverpool John Lennon Airport, the only airport in the city, which represents a unique opportunity to target multiple demographics – commuter, shopper and jet setter.

We are told that this launch marks phase one of a huge D48 rollout for the company coming in 2021. The rollout will be comprised of 25 locations and will include cities such as; Liverpool, Sheffield, Bristol, Manchester, Leeds and Newcastle. All sites are hand picked, typically strong roadside locations to ensure maximum reach and impact for brands.

The brand new screens in Liverpool provide 500,900 impacts on a fortnightly basis. Brands already utilising the screen for the launch include JD Sports, Specsavers, BBC and New Balance.

The launch of the Liverpool D48 network goes live in November 2020, and this rollout puts the company in a strong position of growth leading into the new year. OPEN Media mark a pivotal point in their strategy with this launch.

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