Even Journo’s Get That Amscreen Don’t Cut It

Chris Sheldrake

“But it is intriguing that it has opted to use digital signage in a way that is so far behind what other parts of Wal-Mart have already achieved” so says journalist Joanna Perry writing in an article in Retail Week entitled ‘Digital screens – retail has seen it all before

logoProving, if indeed, proof were needed that Amscreen do not get retail and as Jason Cremins, Chairman POPAIdigital and CEO signagelive has said on this blog before “Unfortunately, when you only have one DS product to offer then it is a case of ‘one size fits all’ (or not as the case may be)”

Even Joanna – err sorry Joanna, we don’t mean to be rude, Ed can see that what ASDA are trialling in the UK with Amscreen is way, way behind the Gen 2.0 networks that Wal-Mart are delivering in the US now.

It doesn’t take a genius, nor a highly paid Apprentice to do a bit of research and find out what works and what doesn’t and indeed learn from others mistakes.

Mind you, we are wondering in the office if our ire should be directed at ASDA who plainly don’t know what to do or how to do it OR Amscreen who plainly don’t know what to do BUT will happily sell anything to anyone!

Editors Note. Joanna Perry is Retail Week’s Technology and Special Features Editor and has been a technology journalist for 10 years

3 Responses to “Even Journo’s Get That Amscreen Don’t Cut It”

  1. Adrian J Cotterill Says:

    I just added a comment to the Retail Week article in which I said…

    “Pretty much spot-on. The problem with this trial and with Amscreen installs generally is that they are not heeding the lessons of the past (i.e. those digital screen networks that have failed or not done so well).

    Walmart learnt a lot of lessons (and spent a lot of momey in doing so). These so called Gen 2.0 networks work quite well.

    There are 5 basic rules, detailed here http://www.dailydooh.com/archives/2389

    It’s a shame because Amscreen with their money (and prestige owners) could do retail and the OOH industry a lot of good instead they seem intent on dragging it back 6 or 7 years”


  2. geof Jones Says:

    I started selling Amstrad PC’s in the 80’s – So I know how Sir Alan thinks and what they do to hit the market. He will get it right and we will all have a moan why he has some market share – then he will sell it to his mate R.Murdock converging Sky TV & Signage 🙂

    Don’t forget he bought http://comtechm2m.com/ so he has one of the best comms solutions around

    Also his CPS solution is a small black box – not the normal 42″ ones – which is greener and leaner – how can it fail

    I do consider Amscreen serious competition and we will do everything in our power to limit their market share – instead of moaning and slagging them off – wasting time

    In war – second guess the opponent – beat them too it

    Gloves off – round 1

  3. tmas Says:

    I think that there are pros and cons to this

    It is true that eye level impact with stands is greater yet the number of eyes you can get if you get a good height ceiling mounted is greater

    The problem with Tesco was that the screens were 42 inch plasmas at 3m height from the floor compare that with a 50 inch screen lets say 2,30 from the floor and you have a different picture altogether

    Placement has to do with location constraints for example maybe most of the stands are facing sideways rather than front in that case in terms of viewing angle at the power aisle for example you will not notice them,

    Also you must follow the shoppers route and where there is traffic. The shelf placement is a common supplier request but when you do it given them a dedicated screen at eye level on their part of the shelf and then they get bored and want something new like a great shaped projection concept of a bottle or something else what do you do then ?

    Its more complicated that just simply saying this works and this does not !

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