Smart Screen Great For Trade Show ‘Swag’

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

If we ever get back to large trade shows and you are looking for some personalised swag then this ‘Smart Screen’ designer cleaning cloth and pouch, tailored to neatly fit into any pocket is probably ideal.

A London-based start-up brand propelled by lockdown creativity, launched this revolutionary, antibacterial cleaning cloth last month. It’s designed to ensure phones and tablets remain box-fresh.

It’s a premium product that has been specifically manufactured with the current heightened awareness of cleanliness in mind. It has a silver ion antibacterial liquid treatment applied during the weave process and boasts a durability that ensures antibacterial properties lasts for up to 15 washes.

‘Smart Screen’ CEO, David Sant told us “As a serial entrepreneur and businessman I’m always looking for opportunities to spot gaps in the market and bring a concept to reality. During lockdown I have been reminiscing back to being on busy commuter trains with everyone staring at their phones then cleaning them on jeans, jacket sleeves or a handkerchief. It strikes me that now more than ever we have a requirement for ourselves and a duty to others to live in a more clean-conscious manner. I’m proud to bring such a high-end yet accessible product to market to meet a new wave in demand.”

The Smart Screen is presented in neat boxed packaging and is available for purchase in six different colours (Navy Blue, Saffron Yellow, Slate Grey, Powder Blue, Polar White and Camel Brown) retailing at GBP 9.95 each.

If you are interested in a branded, personalised bulk purchase do reach out to

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