3 Month Trial Reveals Revenue Lifts

Chris Sheldrake

Scandinavia’s largest do-it-yourself hardware store chain, XL-BYG, has launched a digital signage network in its stores after a three-month trial revealed revenue lifts resulting from the display screens.

XL-BYG5.JPGNuppenau, a Scala Certified Partner in Denmark, was selected to implement the network that consists of more than 750 screens in more than 120 locations.

Nicolai Aaboe, Interior Manager, XL-BYG told us “This new media is generating more sales and makes cross-selling more likely. Another big benefit is that we are now able to give customers product demonstrations in the store using the same system. We can show a lot of different content, which suits our strategy perfectly,”

Next steps for the XL-BYG network include using the Scala software to develop locally adjusted content and way-finding systems featuring touchscreens to improve the shopping experience even more for customers.

About Nuppenau

Nuppenau installed its first In-store TV network in 2003. Since then Nuppenau boasts a client base including: BILKA, HTH, OPTO, Tele Greenland, Sportmaster and Steen & Strom. Nuppenau offers a one-stop turnkey shopping solution including content development, installation, ad production and upload, monitoring and maintenance

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