USSI Global Strategic Investment w/ @AdMobilize

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

AdMobilize and USSI Global, a turnkey provider of customised network, broadcast, and digital signage systems and services worldwide, have announced a strategic partnership to more easily integrate #AI into digital signage deployments.
David S. Christiano, CEO and President, USSI Global told us “Partnering with AdMobilize to bring our clients cutting-edge AI solutions is an important step for USSI Global heading into 2021. We believe our focus and expertise on service/deployment combined with AdMobilize AI can create new opportunities for our clients moving forward as they work to meet changing consumer expectations brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic”.

The partnership between USSI Global and AdMobilize will see the implementation of computer vision-based audience analytics across various digital signage projects. The two teams have worked together to optimise the implementation of AI in digital signage projects for Retail, C-Store and more brick and mortar locations. This is key in the adoption of such technologies as it lowers the barriers to entry for a larger number of potential users. USSI Global and AdMobilize are also exploring new market opportunities such as QSR and other consumer engagement technologies. 
USSI Global is known industry-wide for its project management and service expertise at each stage of a project’s deployment lifecycle. This core competency makes the integration of AdMobilize AI systems more seamless for the end user in many ways. With AI solutions designed for digital signage, end users can expect a boost in ROI and incremental revenue opportunities such as smart programmatic advertising. 
Rodolfo Saccoman, Founder/CEO, AdMobilize, said “We are excited to bring this strategic partnership to market at the start of 2021. The expertise and client base of USSI Global combined with the technology of AdMobilize will create immense value for all stakeholders.”

USSI Global’s strategic investment and resulting partnership with AdMobilize are important steps in advancing USSI Global’s growing ‘as-a-service’ business model, according to USSI Global COO Anthony Morelli. “The entire USSI Global team is excited at the synergies that have developed through partnering with AdMobilize. We have invested resources in this partnership that will bring continued innovation and growth to the digital signage space, and the business verticals that benefit from the technology.”

The partnership plans to begin growing in target markets starting in early 2021. 

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