Spanish Media Say #MWC2021 Will Be Cancelled

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

The Spanish media is reporting that #MWC2021 is about to be cancelled or postponed. Mobile World Congress which did not happen at all last year, and would usually be held in March was postponed late last year to June 28, a date that according to Invertia, is now “on the line”.

The Spanish media is firmly indicating that a new delay is being considered that could lead to the event being re-scheduled (again) towards the end of this year or most likely cancelled.

One Spanish newspaper said “It is clear that holding an event as massive as the Mobile World Congress 2021 in March would be crazy, especially considering the latest rebound that the third wave of COVID-19 has left us. On the other hand, moving it to June might seem more sensible, but seeing how the vaccination campaigns are evolving it is clear that is not recommended either. Going at the end of the year is a much safer and more reasonable option, and at the same time it avoids the economic damage that it would cause for Barcelona, ​​and for the big players in the mobile sector, to face a total cancellation”

As with the debates around #ISE2021, the conversation hangs around national security, slowing the spread of #COVID19, the socioeconomic impact etc.

However a spokeswoman for the GSMA told a number of journalists that “the event will continue to be held at the currently planned date in June. There is still exceptional support for the event from exhibitors and sponsors. The media reports from Spain are speculative and inaccurate”.

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