GeoProve, @NarenPatel & @Matt_Teeman’s New Venture

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

GeoProve is a new mobile location verification platform setup by industry superstar and former Primesight CEO Naren Patel and former Bloomberg Media, Metro, BBC, Primesight exec Matt Teeman.

Joining them in this old boys club is former Primesight colleague Nigel Clarkson, who has been appointed as a non-executive director, though surely he should be focussing all of his energy in his latest role as Hivestack’s Global Chief Revenue Officer.

We understand that GeoProve works in a similar way to online verification tags. It offers brands and agencies a self-serve platform that should be able to detect any campaign configuration issues and bad data points. There are two scoring metrics that act as a ‘health check’; a Location Health Score and a Location Supply Score.

GeoProve has been independently verified and has signed up Blis, the programmatic advertising specialist, as its first launch client.

With Naren at the helm it is sure to be a success.

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