Dusty’s Outdoor Media Divests 200+ faces to Trailhead

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Dusty’s Outdoor Media has sold their operations in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Indiana to Trailhead Media. Williamson & Associates acted as the exclusive broker on the deal.

Travis Rhodes, President of Dusty’s Outdoor Media said “Marty Williamson & Amber (Williamson) Galunas displayed instrumental professionalism, grit, and insider-knowledge when brokering our deal. Their demeanor and working style made them feel like partners we could trust through the process. We could close in earnest knowing they were paying attention to even the smallest detail – from start to finish. We would recommend and vouch for you to trust Williamson & Associates if you are buying or selling your out of home assets”.

Dusty’s portfolio now consists of over 320 billboard faces throughout Illinois and Missouri. An additional achievement is having all structures converted to LED or solar-powered lighting. Their digital locations are also expanding rapidly.

Focusing on the IL and MO markets, we are told that Dusty’s will continue to look for new acquisitions in these core areas and partner with businesses to expand their marketing power.

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