Billboards Isle of Man Phone Kiosk Ad Network

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief, an innovative media company, bringing exciting and dynamic outdoor advertising to the Isle of Man is now offering high profile phone kiosks, courtesy of Manx Telecom.

Ian Rowley, Sales Director at Billboards told us “We are very pleased to add the phone kiosks to our out of home advertising portfolio. All 24 kiosks have been chosen for their desirability in high vehicle and pedestrian traffic areas, as well as being spread island wide. We are happy to bring to life this cost effective advertising medium.”

As part of this collaboration, Billboards are able to brand 24 of the island’s most premium phone kiosks, situated in desirable locations with high levels of footfall and traffic, in the north, south, east and west of the island.

There are options to advertise on up to three sides of a kiosk, including a mixture of top windows, full sides, full doors, full backs and half backs.

This cost effective and unique advertising opportunity is available from 2021, and opens the world of out of home advertising up to brands who may not have considered it in the past.

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