Rokk3r Has Acquired @AdMobilize and Matrix Labs

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Rokk3r has acquired AdMobilize and Matrix Labs for USD 19.5M.

AdMobilize CEO and Founder Rodolfo Saccoman told us “This is exciting news for AdMobilize’s team, our technology partners, our clients, and we believe the industry at large. Our value proposition of providing the most accurate, private, trustworthy, dependable, accessible, real-time data will now be put on a globally accelerated path”.

Rokk3r is a strategic holding company that invests in creating, acquiring, and integrating companies.

Rokk3r’s Chairman and CEO Nabyl Charania said “Integrating AdMobilize’s AI capabilities within Rokk3r’s holdings enables scaling these businesses across different verticals, while leveraging their IP, technology and teams to create new businesses and commercialization avenues.” In addition, “AdMobilize’s commitment to protecting individual privacy while pushing the technological boundaries on Edge computing and Computer Vision were key in our decision to acquire the company.”

We re told that the acquisition will catapult their growth, advance their IP strategy and grow their presence in different industries.

From a day-to-day perspective, AdMobilize clients and partners will notice no difference by the change of ownership.

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