Qube @OfficialQbetter’s New Smart Queue Mgmt System

Tristan Cotterill

Qube is a new smart queue management system from Portuguese based Q-Better that swiftly organises services’ waiting lines.

Qube is an IoT & Cloud based solution which we are told, elevates the service experience to a whole new level and is described as a breakthrough solution developed using the newest technologies, market trends and population important needs. Its usability improves service efficiency while its design seamlessly blends into room aesthetics.

As a SaaS Solution it can be accessed from any device with an internet connection and a web browser:

  • Accessible everywhere, at any time.
  • Always up to date, with no need of intervention. | Minor initial and maintenance costs.
  • No server management required.

This new solution really does promote social distancing. E-tickets are issued without any physical contact and it is only necessary to scan a QR-Code with a smartphone and wait for your turn, far from waiting lines at the entrance. This even allows people to go for a walk or wait in the car.

Q-Better is a Portuguese company, based in Braga, and founded back in 2010. They’re present in more than 50 countries and with a worldwide network of Representatives, Distributors, and Integration Teams. Q-Better is a company that offers innovative technologies and solutions, with the mission of optimising business efficiency levels and customer satisfaction. They are active in schools, retail, hospitals and clinics, museums, transport companies, government, and financial institutions.

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