NowSignage Now Approved @BrightSign Partner

Andrew Neale

NowSignage this week announced that they’re the latest digital signage CMS to receive the status of approved BrightSign Integrated Partner. The announcement of this new partnership provides a seamless way for customers to remotely activate the industry-leading NowSignage application on any BrightSign device.

The platform is a free subscription included with every BrightSign device that allows users to remotely manage their BrightSign device and to install the NowSignage digital signage CMS application.

This increases the speed and ease of deployment and management of your digital signage network, anywhere in the world.

NowSignage already has a fully compatible application for BrightSign that is widely deployed across many industry sectors including retail, corporate, education, healthcare, industrial and QSR, however this latest development not only improves the ease of installation, but also provides a wide array of advanced player control features.

By using Control Cloud customers can access real-time player control to further manage the BrightSign players, including:

  • – View & monitor real-time player health from any location
  • – Real-time access to player diagnostics & controls
  • – Perform remote reboots and provide BrightSign OS updates
  • – Initiate remote snapshots to see what’s playing on-screen

Together, BrightSign and NowSignage offer a class-leading hardware and software signage solution. Along with all headline NowSignage features working out-of-the-box across the entire range of BrightSign players, NowSignage continues to innovate with the advancement of their proof-of-play functionality, Nexmosphere sensor integrations and targeted content controls.

Tom Ross, Commercial Director at NowSignage told us “Bringing together the world’s biggest media player manufacturer and the easiest-to-use CMS on the market always made perfect sense, and BrightSign has been one of my main strategic partnership targets for a long time. Before we embarked on the process, though, it was massively important to us that we were in a position to be able to have full compatibility across the entire BrightSign range without any restrictions on features or performance, which would put us in a very unique position. Once we were able to demonstrate that, a strategic partnership was a no-brainer for all parties. We have big plans to add big value to the BrightSign solution in 2021 and beyond. Watch this space!”

We are told that setting up NowSignage on a BrightSign player is easy. If you’d like to give it a try, please contact

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