Why spaceAdd Chose @Signagelive

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

“Proprietary DOOH CMS platforms with highly sophisticated media-sales and planning functionality are not required for programmatic-first networks” says Signagelive’s Founder / CEO Jason Cremins, a view we think is shared by recently merged livedooh-signkick but likely highly contentious to many traditional DOOH CMS providers.

He continued “They are being replaced by Headless API-first platforms that deliver robust media distribution, hardware-agnostic playback of media, rock-solid proof of play and integration with audience measurement solutions”.

Media owner spaceAdd, as well as being a leading Korean DOOH and Visual Retail solutions provider manages over 1500 screens, and is using Signagelive as one of their preferred Content Management System solutions to efficiently manage their media content.

spaceAdd chose Signagelive, having researched the digital signage market and gave us three main reasons why: –

  1. Compatibility with various Hardware and other Software – enabling us to reutilise existing Windows PCs whilst adding our non-PC players and SoC Displays all managed from one platform.
  2. Ease of use – the Signagelive platform is extremely intuitive, simple to use but with powerful features suitable for our passive and interactive DOOH requirements.
  3. Transparent Pricing – there are no hidden costs, just a simple price per player connected to the Signagelive platform making it easy for us to calculate our return on investment for each DOOH display.

Chang Keun Oh, SpaceAdd CEO told us how he built a business case internally for Signagelive “Our case was built upon the reliability of a globally acknowledged CMS software provider with a hardware agnostic approach. We believe strongly that having the benefit to choose from a wide range of supported player hardware will position us well to grow quickly in the future”.

He added “Seamless integration with our various partners e.g. Samsung SoC Displays and AdMobilize Audience Analytics intuitive and informative dashboard also helps. Signagelive’s Proof of Play is very accurate and reliable, which is a very important function for media owners. If you are looking to track your asset playback to confirm that your content was successfully delivered, Proof of Play will give you peace of mind”.

Andrew Lee, Director of Sales APAC, Signagelive told us “We are absolutely thrilled to have spaceAdd select our CMS solution amongst the many available in not just South Korea and in the rest of the world. As a fast-growing DOOH business, spaceAdd is a prime example of how Signagelive can add value as a proven enterprise-grade solution that gives media network owners full flexibility in hardware selection, coupled with extreme ease of network management”.

One Response to “Why spaceAdd Chose @Signagelive”

  1. Andrew Says:

    Hi, quick response on the article above.

    I don’t think its true that “DOOH CMS platforms with highly sophisticated media-sales and planning functionality are not required for programmatic-first networks”

    I would say it’s the opposite. The more granular campaigns get the more sophisticated the software that manages this has to be. The question is where the control lives in the value chain.

    We believe that the control should sit with the media/network owner or a valued sales agent who controls all or a proportion of screen time in order to monetise on behalf of the owner. Either way we combine, optimise and deliver all campaign types in a way that delivers as much value to sellers as much as buyers.

    When we work with a 3rd party cms/player to deliver campaigns we provide the control and planning sophistication from our cloud based platform and then ad-serve content to the 3rd party player/CMS and the screens.

    Happy to chat with anyone that would like to discuss.

    Andy Hamblin C.R.O. LiveDOOH Signkick.

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