China PRISM Launched By Hyperspace

On-yi Lo

Digital Out of Home, a sector in China which accounts for around 18% of all OOH spend is about to get a boost if Heartland-Posterscope, the Aegis owned out-of-home specialist has its way.

image001Ben Milne, who recently moved from London to Shanghai to become General Manager of Heartland-Posterscope’s digital insight and innovations group Hyperspace tells us that they are now able to launch PRISM Screen its digital out-of-home planning and evaluation tool.

Ben points out that “PRISM Screen allows their planners to quickly compare and contrast different outdoor options”.

The tool, which allows users to plan by environment, region, time of day, screen type and many other criteria, also turns gross footfall measurements provided by vendors into realistic opportunities to see (OTS).

Jay Lin, CEO of Heartland-Posterscope told us that “PRISM Screen compliments the existing HEART & PRISM OOH planning and buying tools and will be a vital link in making sense of the increasingly complex digital market”.

Ben has only be there a short time but looks like he is making progress taking good stuff from London and transplanting it in the region.

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  1. Scott Anthony Says:

    I would just like to say a big well done to Ben, moving into this market is a smart move. The use of Prism allows media owners to be showcased for true value of product and the buyers to have more clarity of this outdoor Digital world of ours.

    Everday agencies are struggling to detach themselves from the conventional media mentality and this tool will help everyone from a variety of backgrounds and technical attitudes to understand DOOH. This is a problem which my own company have been faced with for the last 3 years along with JC Decaus Digital 48 sheets.

    Good luck Ben


    Scott Anthony

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