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Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Ramkumar Ramamurty

We told you that STRATACACHE will soon be opening up a European head office in Shannon, Ireland – well that still hasn’t been officially announced yet but we see that this week they announced a major presence in India.

The Indian Branch office will effectively support all of their Asia-Pacific Digital Media projects and initiatives.

Digital Media Business Development Manager Joins STRATACACHE Team

April 10, Dayton, Ohio—STRATACACHE, a leading provider of scalable, high-speed data delivery solutions for the digital cinema and digital signage industries, today announced the opening of an office in Mumbai, India.

STRATACACHE has several ongoing digital cinema, digital signage, and content distribution projects in India and has established a local presence to support these initiatives and fulfill demand. STRATACACHE’s award-winning digital signage solution, ActiVia for Media, and STRATACACHE’s recently upgraded digital cinema distribution software, OmniCast for Digital Cinema, both address the growing digital media distribution market in this region.

Digital Media Business Development Manager Hired

To spearhead these efforts, STRATACACHE recently named Ramkumar Ramamurty as digital media business development manager for the region. In this role, Mr. Ramamurty will work closely with the STRATACACHE digital media team in the United States.

Mr. Ramamurty has significant experience in the digital cinema industry, touting a successful track record in high-level technical roles. He has worked on various digital cinema projects, designing networks and conducting proof-of-concepts for end-to-end content flow of digital cinema packages (DCPs), including both MPEG-2 and JPEG2K files.

“DCP distribution over satellite and terrestrial networks is at a transformational stage, and STRATACACHE is excited to be at the forefront advancing this movement,” said Filip Vandenbusshe, VP STRATACACHE International. “Movie distributors and theatres expect a reliable, bandwidth-efficient means of distributing movies. Our investments in people and technology demonstrate our resolve to deliver a more efficient means of DCP distribution.”

Newly released OmniCast for Digital Cinema 4.0 represents STRATACACHE’s latest technology advancement in this area. OmniCast 4.0 now has even higher bandwidth capabilities for sending the largest files simultaneously at very high speeds (up to 300Mb/s) over satellite, terrestrial, wireless or hybrid networks. OmniCast for Digital Cinema can move files of any size and format (from MPEG-2 to JPEG 2000) over any network with 99 percent bandwidth utilization.


STRATACACHE is a leading provider of scalable, high-speed data delivery solutions for the digital signage and digital cinema industry. Serving Global 2,000 customers in the retail, finance, service, manufacturing and government markets worldwide, STRATACACHE’s products transparently solve large-scale content distribution, digital media/digital cinema, and application performance challenges while immediately providing tangible return-on-investment and dramatically improved user satisfaction. STRATACACHE is based in Dayton, Ohio, USA. For more information please visit

Photo: Ramkumar Ramamurty, Digital Media Business Developement Manager, Mumbai

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