Cardinal Health’s Official Press Release

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Sometimes network announcements are just too good to have just one story about AND even though we told you about this first – last Monday as it happens, it’s well worth repeating a couple of times here.

First off here is Cardinal Health‘s official press release on their in-store retail pharmacy digital advertising program…

Pharmacy Health Network offers pharmaceutical, over-the-counter, consumer health companies opportunity to reach millions of consumers while they wait for prescriptions

DUBLIN, Ohio, August 11, 2009 – Cardinal Health today launched an in-store digital signage program to provide pharmaceutical, over-the-counter, consumer health and other product manufacturers the ability to run video advertisements and educational content on flat-panel LCD screens placed in independent and franchised pharmacies throughout the United States.

Advertisements run on the company’s new Pharmacy Health Network will reach consumers while they wait for prescriptions to be filled at their neighborhood pharmacy. Cardinal Health will make the Pharmacy Health Network available to the more than 5,000 independent retail and franchised pharmacies it serves throughout the United States. .

Respario Digital Advertising Group of Dallas, Texas, will manage the technology, content and ongoing management of the program.

In addition to custom advertisements from pharmaceutical, over-the-counter, consumer health and other health care related companies, Pharmacy Health Network content will also feature professionally produced health and wellness segments from the NBC Digital Health Network and local and national weather modules provided by®. Participating pharmacies can also promote in-store specials, health screenings and other local information including local weather, community events and more.

The program will also target consumers through customized brochure racks containing take-away items including collateral, coupons, business reply cards and samples.

“The Pharmacy Health Network is a win-win for both independent retail pharmacies and manufacturers,” said Jeff Foreman, vice president of strategic purchasing for Cardinal Health. “Retailers benefit because the network will help to educate, engage, and offer savings to their patients while they wait for their prescriptions to be filled, and because the flat panel LCD screens and quality content give their pharmacies a modern, high-end feel. Manufacturers and other potential advertisers get the opportunity to reach millions of potential customers right at the point-of-purchase – at their local pharmacy, where many consumers turn for health care-related information and advice.”

Retail pharmacies can participate in this program at no cost to them and receive free installation of and ongoing maintenance for a flat-panel LCD screen and directional, targeted audio system, on which the health related content will play. Participants also receive a custom brochure rack to provide pharmacy customers with easy access to health-related materials, coupons, brochures, business reply card and other promotional and educational materials.

Retail pharmacies wanting to participate in Cardinal Health’s Pharmacy Health Network and health care companies interested in advertising on the Pharmacy Health Network can visit or call 800.210.4025.

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