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AdLoad Digital Ad Fleet Signs Up To @StreetMetrics

StreetMetrics [1] has announced a partnership with Sacramento-based AdLoad Technologies, a programmatic Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) transit advertising platform.

[2]Drew Jackson, Founder of StreetMetrics told us “We’re thrilled to be working with the AdLoad team. Their smart digital display ads are the future of advertising on the roadways. AdLoad’s ability to serve tailored ads using geofence data and time-of-day information make it one of the most advanced out of home advertising platforms. Our ability to measure and attribute ads in near real-time enables advertisers to measure their ROI for media on AdLoad trucks, just as they would for digital media.”

Adload’s unique programmatic Digital Out-of-Home advertising platform gives brands full control over their message and advertising decisions. Their patented design blends the screen seamlessly with the trailer, offering a meaningful ad experience for travelers on the roadway. AdLoad will use StreetMetrics measurement solutions to track every mile moving forward, providing their advertisers the most detailed understanding of their ad performance. StreetMetrics’ solutions offer the highest level of transparency and accountability to the out-of-home advertising industry.

Ranjit Phagura, CEO of AdLoad said “StreetMetrics’ complete set of measurement and attribution tools gives us the ability to provide our advertisers with data beyond just impression numbers. With our trailers hitting multiple markets daily, it is important for us to know exactly how our campaigns are doing, and StreetMetrics compliments our data-first strategy perfectly,” says .

Founded in 2016, StreetMetrics specializes in measuring Moving Out-of-Home (MOOH) media, such as ads on buses, trains, taxis, bikes, and anything that moves. The company currently measures moving media in 30 of the top 35 DMAs across the US, and internationally across Canada, Australia, Europe, and Central Asia. StreetMetrics is committed to bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds for MOOH marketers.