Realworld Has Launched QDOOH

Tristan Cotterill

Realworld Advertising Pty Ltd has launched QDOOH, which is described as a self-serve billboard booking platform with QR-powered ordering.

Michael Scruby, CEO of Realworld, was quoted as saying “The local advertising market is worth $137bn in the US but OOH is only getting a 4% share,. It’s because billboards are inaccessible to your average local business owner. They need to phone a billboard company to get a price, then find a way to create an ad and pay. This, at a time when we’re all used to ordering everything in a few clicks on our mobile phone. With QDOOH, a media owner displays a QR code on a free slot on their billboard. The advertiser simply scans the code on the billboard they want, creates an ad and pays – all on their mobile device. The media owner collects the booking and the cash without making a single phone call.”

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