Ada Gives Stronger Consideration & Purchase Intent

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Talon Outdoor this week announced that their proprietary Data Management Platform (DMP), Ada delivers stronger consideration and purchase intent than digital and social media channels. The results are based on third-party analysis of campaign effectiveness across media channels by On Device Research, an advertising effectiveness specialist.

Alistair Hill, CEO and co-founder, On Device Research told us “Our research shows that campaigns using Talon’s DMP, Ada, significantly strengthens brand consideration and purchase intent from consumers once they have been exposed to the ad. What is interesting to see is how it compares to digital and social media norms. The results also suggest that an omni-channel marketing strategy would lead to a larger shift in brand awareness alongside increased ROI, and something marketers should continue and challenge their agencies on employing as we move further into H2.”

Launched in 2019, Ada uses billions of consensual device-level data points to create actionable insights into how people behave and move around in the real world. On Device Research found that this privacy-compliant, highly targeted information leads to 4.1% uplift in brand consideration following the use of Ada in OOH planning. This is a +28% higher shift in comparison to social media norms which typically sees a 3.2% uplift in consideration.

The research found that Ada created a 2.7% increase for purchase intent, an increase of 1.1% from 2020. In comparison, digital and social media norms typically see a 2.0% uplift in purchase intent. By combining Ada’s intelligence with digital OOH, some of the UK’s largest brands are employing the DMP to deliver more effective campaigns.

Emily Alcorn, Head of Insights, Talon Outdoor said “Ada was launched to enable data-led OOH campaigns by creating bespoke audience groups and pinpointing best performing OOH frames. The On Device Research results show that Ada’s insights are supercharging consumer engagement in OOH environments, and that when used is twice as likely to increase brand consideration against digital advertising. OOH can be misconstrued as simply an awareness building channel, but these insights prove that it generates sales, helping brands to achieve greater returns on their media investments.”

On Device Research is a private limited company specialising in market research through innovative technology and has offices in London, Dubai & Singapore.

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