HILITE Outdoor Inc, and Addope Media National Sales Partnership

Tristan Cotterill

HILITE Outdoor Inc, and Addope Media, Canada’s two largest digital vehicle-top advertising networks, have announced a national sales partnership which will see HILITE Outdoor representing all national media sales for the two companies.

The partnership enables media buyers to purchase ads on digital billboards atop taxis, rideshares and other commercial vehicles in Canada’s two largest markets, Toronto and Montreal, with over 300 digital advertising faces available. The entire fleet will be accessible both directly and via leading programmatic platforms, including Hivestack and Vistar. 

Leading the initiative is HILITE’s newly appointed VP, Business Development, Ron Deschenes. Deschenes brings over 15 years’ senior leadership experience in the Canadian OOH industry and in the vehicular advertising space: he has held senior executive roles at numerous Canadian OOH companies, including as a founding member of UB Media, a major Canadian indoor advertising supplier, as well as Sharkfin, once Canada’s largest taxi advertising network. 

Ron told us “Digital vehicular advertising has reached a point of maturity. In cities all around the world, digital vehicle top networks are emerging as the newest street-level media network, offering an alternative to static ads on public transit vehicles and taxis. All the challenges of static vehicular networks — slow creative changes, difficulty tracking the vehicles, measuring the audience — are being resolved through advances in digital technology. With our state-of-the-art measurement technology provided by StreetMetrics, we intend to lead the industry in the adoption and accreditation of the first truly digital measurement of vehicular advertising. This partnership is a great step towards the achievement of our Coast to Coast network coverage.”

HILITE Outdoor, Inc was founded in 2019 and is headquartered in Toronto. It operates a network of over 150 digital ad facings atop rideshare and delivery vehicles in the Greater Toronto Area.

Solomon Misghina, founder of HILITE Outdoor, says, “This partnership allows us to say that we are the leaders in Canadian digital vehicular media. Adding Ron to our team has enabled us to quickly transition from a small startup to a significant force in the Canadian out of home industry; we’ve doubled our inventory and undertaken a number of measures to ensure the credibility and accountability of our medium by accrediting our measurement methodologies at the highest levels of the industry.”

Ahmed Cherqui, founder of Addope Media, said “Vehicle top advertising is just breaking through in the out of home media mix, and we are proud to announce this partnership that enables us to offer national buyers reach in Canada’s two largest markets. With experienced, bilingual national sales leadership and standardized measurement across both suppliers, our collaboration will be key in promoting our network of vehicle top digital advertising throughout Canada”.

Addope Media was founded in 2019 and is headquartered in Montreal. It operates a fully integrated digital ad management, publication and transactional web site linked to its own network of digital billboards atop taxis and other commercial vehicles with 150 digital ad faces running in the Greater Montreal Area.

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