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Digital Under Umbrella

Evening Standard

I need to double check with Bill Gerba and David Haynes but I think we all attended a conference last week (jadn.tv) that made no mention of Minority Report!!

BTW there’s a picture of all three of us on stage at the event here [1]

Anyway, we keep seeing these screens in London. I think the industry needs to congratulate itself when digital out of home sits underneath an umbrella in a small street-side newsagents stand!

We just need folks walking around with fluorescent umbrellas, constant rain (err we have that) and we could be in a scene from Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner!

Steve Whitehead, Marketing Director, Comtech M2M Ltd [2] told us exclusively “Glad to hear that you have started seeing our screens on the streets of London, the real clever bit here which may have gone un-noticed is that these are battery powered. Where else would you get power on the streets of London?”