Airtame Gets Money From Danish State’s Investment Fund,

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Airtame has secured funding from Vӕkstfonden, the Danish state’s investment fund.

Airtame’s technology makes it easy for people to collaborate on any shared screen, without using cables or external dongles. Its cost-effective solution helps people present from their device to a shared screen in an office or classroom, or turn their screen into a digital sign when it’s not being used. As the hybrid environment grows in popularity, it is more important than ever that companies and schools can educate, engage and entertain through their screens. Airtame is committed to empowering people through their screens, whether they are all in the same place, split between huddle rooms, or collaborating on a hybrid conference call.

Vӕkstfonden, always watchful of Danish companies that are forging a new path, noticed the massive potential of Airtame and decided to assist them in their journey to the top.

Jacob Bratting Pedersen, partner in Vækstfonden’s venture capital arm said “As the Danish state’s investment fund, it is vital that we support strong Danish tech companies to re-emerge following the Covid-situation. After the re-opening of schools, Airtame’s demand is as strong as ever, and we want to help ensure that the company can deliver on the great commercial opportunity,” said . “Considering the hybrid schooling and work environment we find ourselves in today, Airtame’s screen enablement technology will bring people all over the world together safely while promoting engaging meetings and lessons.”

Martin Wagner, CEO of Airtame said “The funding isn’t about the dollar amount – it’s all about the opportunity for expansion. From our basis as a market leader in screen sharing, we are looking to expand the ways we help people use screens more effectively, such as in hybrid meetings and video conferencing. With our deep investment in product design and software development, along with our newly formed executive team, Airtame is set to have a historic year.”

Airtame has offices in New York, Los Angeles, Copenhagen, and Budapest.

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