Zoom And LocaModa’s Strategic Partnership

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

There are only two folks we would partner with in order to enable ‘Interactive Media and social messaging’ on a network or digital signage platform and one of those is most definitely LocaModa so we were pleased to see Zoom Media & Marketing and LocaModa‘s strategic partnership announced Monday.

The companies had previously worked together on two groundbreaking interactive campaigns for AT&T and VH1 and under this agreement, LocaModa’s interactive applications will run as part of Zoom’s customised content mix provided to more than 600 bars, restaurants and nightclubs in Zoom’s Social digital network (Nightlife venues provide the perfect platform for interactive media of course).

Dan Levi, Zoom’s SVP of Digital Media & Strategic Partnerships told us “The convergence of digital out-of-home, mobile and social networking technologies is driving innovation and creativity in the media industry. LocaModa anticipated this development, and their platform provides advertisers with an unprecedented ability to engage with consumers in the ideal environment for interactive marketing programs, Zoom’s nightlife destinations. LocaModa’s technology allows bar goers to make a seamless transition from communicating with their friends to interacting with advertisers.”

LocaModa will enable mobile and social interaction, connect the media to social networks including Facebook and Twitter AND provide real-time audience data – both companies will collaborate to integrate advertising clients into the interactive portion of Zoom’s content.

In nightlife venues, mobile phones and PDAs have quickly become the tool of choice of course for consumers to interact not only with each other, but also with advertisers.

Mediamark Research data has shown that recent bar goers are 96% more likely than the average adult to use text messaging, and 75% more likely to use text messaging to respond to an ad.

Steve King, VP Sales, LocaModa said, “Adding Web 2.0 technology and measurability to place-based networks continues to attract interactive media budgets. With Zoom, we’re leveraging a winning formula and engaging this socially active and tech friendly audience. We are truly excited to work together to bring more brands to their network.”

About LocaModa

LocaModa extends interactive media to audiences beyond the web. LocaModa’s patented cross-channel media distribution platform is used in thousands of locations and by many of the leading operators of placed-based networks (including screen networks in cafes, bars, colleges, restaurants, retail locations, jukeboxes and public digital billboards), enabling highly localized, targeted, contextual and relevant interactive advertising and entertainment.

3 Responses to “Zoom And LocaModa’s Strategic Partnership”

  1. Stephen Randall Says:

    Adrian – Thanks for the kind words. From your opening statement, it’s clear that you’re drinking the new media kool-aid that has us so intoxicated. We’re excited that the market is responding so positively to mobile and social interactivity. It’s become a central theme for so many networks needing to show brands and agencies that they can measure engagement and attract interactive media budgets.

    Stephen Randall (Twitter: stephenrandall)

  2. PhilGo20 Says:

    Hi Stephen, congrats for the partnership with Zoom.

    What platform is Zoom running most of their screens in the US and waht would be the requirements to get LocaModa running with one platform ?


  3. Stephen Randall Says:

    Hi Philippe, While I can’t talk about our partners’ systems, I can say that LocaModa is agnostic about DOOH platforms – we have embedded our solutions into pretty much all the major networks and have experience with most platforms including Broadsign, Scala, Zoom, Danoo, Ecast, Touchtunes, Enqii, Nanonation, Clear Channel, Viacom, VH1 and MTV.

    To convert a standard DOOH network into an interactive platform, we need your DOOH clients to have a persistent Internet connection, support the latest version of Flash (Flash 9 r115) with a minimum 1G RAM and ideally a 2 GHZ processor.

    Stephen Randall (Twitter: stephenrandall)

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