Flytoget A/S Contract Won by @ZetaDisplayPubl

Russ Curry, Ministry of New Media

ZetaDisplay AB (publ) has signed a new delivery agreement with Flytoget A/S. The six year contract starts in 2022 consisting of full-service deliveries in technology, software, development and support of Digital Signage and DOOH (Digital Out of Home) solutions.

ZetaDisplay CEO Per Mandorf said “We are incredibly pleased to be chosen in strong competition as Flytoget’s long-term partner for the further development of their Digital Signage solution. This is also proof of our solid delivery quality in the Public Information & Transport sector, but also our growing capacity and key expertise in DOOH – Digital “Out of Home. Our DOOH services and solutions are currently developing rapidly and we are winning new business in all markets. We are now looking forward to 6 exciting years together with Flytoget, which is one of the most innovative and forward thinking players in Public Airport Railway Transport”.

Flytoget – Airport Express is Norway’s only existing high -speed train, and today offers modern and comfortable high -speed transports between Oslo Airport at Gardermoen and several stops in the greater Oslo area. The air train was established following a decision by the Norwegian parliament in 1992. Thereafter, work began on a new high -speed railway between Oslo and Gardermoen. The first trains rolled in 1999 and in 2019 Flytoget transported 6.7 million passengers.

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