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Out There (At Last) – MediaWeek

Yesterday the US publication Mediaweek showcased their first ever editorial section dedicated to Out Of Home, it is surely only time now that one of the competing publications is gonna be first to a regular Digiital Out of Home section as opposed to the sometimes lip-service paid to the industry at present by many.

The pick of the articles first time around is the one about SubMedia, the company that claims to have created a new out-of-home category when it introduced animated ads in subway tunnels back in 2001, and its digital work with Sidetrack (a company we have covered many times on DailyDOOH) and its work in Los Angeles.

Mediaweek editor in chief/associate publisher Michael Bürgi introduced it as…

“Welcome to Out There, our first-ever editorial section devoted to the burgeoning out-of-home media business. Compiled and reported by senior editor Katy Bachman, the new monthly section aims to cover all facets of the business: traditional outdoor billboards, place-based media, digital technology, alternative offerings, as well as advertising and research issues. We also plan to showcase creative elements that are driving innovation and unusual media executions.

Why now? Money. Revenue growth in the OOH sector outpaced all other media except for the Internet in 2007, and the medium is expected to keep growing at a healthy clip. And if you work in any major market, it’s simply inescapable. In my daily walk to the Times Square subway station, I’m dwarfed by massive wallscapes and spectaculars of all sorts as I pass phone booths (the few that are left) equipped with digital signage. Even taxis now carry video content”.

Other articles in print deal with…

See http://www.mediaweek.com/ [1]