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#CES2022 Speak 109 Different Languages w/ @Kotozna

At #CES2022 Kotozna, Inc., a Tokyo-based communication tech startup, will demonstrate its digital concierge platforms for the travel and lodging industries that enable speakers of 109 different languages to talk with one another in their native tongues in real-time.

‘Kotozna In-room’ is specifically designed to help hotels and inns communicate with their guests, while ‘Kotozna Live Chat’ is intended for tourism organizations, such as the operators of regional visitor information centers. Both platforms only require a quick scanning of a QR code to launch them on the web on any smartphone, tablet or PC.

The platform can instantly remove language barriers for all, allowing businesses to dedicate their personnel resources to other areas of their operations. They can also easily customize the platforms to provide coupons, sightseeing information and various other services, and to analyze their communication data to gain marketing insights.

Kotozna CEO and founder Genri Goto told us “Kotozna’s patented machine translation engines enable highly accurate multilingual communications to make language barriers a thing of the past. Both ‘Kotozna In-room’ and ‘Kotozna Live Chat’ not only prevent miscommunication but also help user organizations understand their customers’ needs to develop more effective business strategies and achieve operational cost reductions and revenue increases. We are excited to introduce these one-stop solutions for the travel and hospitality industries at CES 2022.”

Kotozna uses its technology to enable people from around the world to communicate without language barriers. The company also aims to foster regional economies with the use of its technology. The company’s mission is particularly important in rural Japan where many small businesses rely on their revenues from in-bound tourism while experiencing critical labor shortages due to the country’s aging population. Founded in 2016, Kotozna has released, Kotozna In-room, in September 2020 in Japan and plans to expand the offering to the global market in January 2021.