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#CES2022 AirPoint Ring Wearable Mouse

At #CES2022 Magnima [1] will be introducing an innovative AirPoint Ring, a wireless wearable mouse ring ideal for teachers, trainers and speakers.

Described as the world’s first wireless wearable mouse that offers dual surface and air tracking the AirPoint Ring is designed for delivering stunning presentations and allows users to change slides with air gestures.

With the flick of a finger, any apps on a connected Mac, Windows, iPad or tablet can be controlled wirelessly.

Magnima was founded in 2017 by teachers affiliated with the Brothers of St. Patrick, an international Roman Catholic religious congregation, who felt that the existing presentation clickers in the market are inadequate for modern presentations.

The AirPoint Ring’s lead developer is Anoop Joseph, a firmware engineer at IBM from 2005-2008

The product concept was first exhibited at #CES2020 and Magnima is proud to manufacture the product in the United States in Southern California. The AirPoint has been issued three patents and is available from Amazon and the Magnima website.

Magnima’s booth is #19032.