Empty #DSE2022 Show Floor

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

It’s not looking good for the Digital Signage Experience show which is (still) slated to take place March 22-24, 2022 alongside the Bar & Restaurant Expo (formerly the Nightclub & Bar Show) at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

New ‘DSE’ owner, Questex who acquired the remnants of Exponation back in March 2021 seem to have no traction at all with potential exhibitors.

The official site lists ONLY 31 exhibitors which of course is pretty poor in of itself BUT it’s much worse than that when you note that the likes of the DPAA, DSF, OAAA, KMA, DSLATAM, SEGD and rAVe’s Studio make up and are included in that total.

A token Sony stand is the only ‘big display’ vendor in attendance as there is no LG, Samsung, Sharp/NEC, Planar or PDS (Philips) exhibiting as you might expect.

In terms of plain LED InfiLED are listed as a sponsor and an exhibitor but are still the only LED vendor present.

As readers know there are hundreds of CMS providers in the digital signage space but only two; namely Korbyt (formerly RMG Networks) and Navori have chosen to exhibit, although both BrightSign and Intuiface are also listed as exhibiting.

With the show only 60 days away the exhibit hall looks to be two thirds EMPTY and for all the talk of ‘experience’ their seems to be little in the way of solutions on display in this evolving marketplace.

Definitely not the best of signs and for those who have stayed away they have probably made the right choice.

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