HBO Max LA Metro’s Culver City Station Takeover

Russ Curry, Ministry of New Media

When HBO Max opened their new corporate offices at the Ivy Station complex, they wanted to make a splash in their new neighborhood as big as a new show premiere.

To do so, the content giant created an exclusive, long-term takeover of the adjacent Culver City Station.

Culver City Station is an LA Metro light rail stop on the Expo Line that serves ~150,000 riders per month. Intersection, an experience-driven out-of-home media and technology company, worked with HBO Max to transform the station through various custom forms of out-of-home media to capture neighborhood attention, inside and outside of the station.

The team at Intersection built all-new large format media to adorn the station with HBO Max branding, including four massive full column wraps. HBO Max is able to tap into its expansive list of content to promote shows like Succession, Peacemaker, The Sex Lives of College Girls, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and more through monumental displays that can’t be missed.

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