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Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

TruMedia Technologies are happy of course that their iCapture product has won another award – this time a gold medal given at the Poznan International Fair at the Euro Reklama Outdoor Expo in Poland.

Whilst Euro-Reklama, a two-day event, is Poland’s biggest out-of-home media exhibition (6,000 attendees from 20 countries) the award ceremonies seem to be getting further and further away from where the big installations are – the real question is when will we see a really big deployment from the likes of TruMedia?

iCapture was on demonstration at a stand hosted by POL-TV, a TruMedia distributor and Peter Pisarski, POL-TV was quoted as saying “We pride ourselves in providing state-of the-art solutions … iCapture is the only audience measurement solution available today which offers such a high level of accuracy at very wide angles. It is a remarkable product that deserves recognition”

Whilst TruMedia’s product probably does have the best wide angle coverage out there, they now face a lot of competition in the market place as a whole AND despite protestations from marketing, PR and business development people we have YET TO SEE OR HEAR of any big deployments either on or off the record from them.

For many companies, even for Quividi who were first to market with a decent audience measurement product, what was once (two years ago) something unique is now a commodity. Like free digital signage software solutions there are half a dozen different camera based audience solutions on the market (and more to come) – whilst it looks like a clever piece of technology it is actually quite simple (think of the cameras+games that come with PS3’s and Xbox).

CONGRATULATIONS anyway to POL-TV who were awarded four prizes in total for its display – including best stand design and presentation and “The Bomb Firm of the Fair” award nominated by TV Biznes.

Maybe someone in the know will tell us more about the ““The Bomb Firm of the Fair” award ?

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