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@BuySellAds’ Portfolio Now Includes #OOH via OneScreen.ai

OneScreen.ai is partnering with BuySellAds [1], a provider of technology that connects the world’s independent publishers with high-quality, relevant advertisers.

The partnership extends OOH advertising to BuySellAds’s clients.

Dave Rouse, Head of Business Development and Strategic Alliances at OneScreen.ai said “Through this partnership, we are helping the OOH industry to grow as we continue to educate on the many opportunities and how highly effective, targetable, and measurable OOH advertising is for brands in the modern world. As we build the first OOH marketplace where marketers can locate, buy, deploy, and measure OOH advertising campaigns in one place, OneScreen.ai is making it easy for BuySellAds’ clients and other brands to navigate and capitalize on this highly effective marketing medium.”

OneScreen.ai is helping companies reach the audiences they want through OOH by building the only outdoor advertising directory with a search engine. With brands now being able to specifically target audiences today, OOH is growing in popularity. Only 20% of revenue in OOH is coming from the top 100 advertisers like McDonald’s, Geico, and Coca-Cola.

Matthew Kammerer, Managing Director of Advertising and Publishing at BuySellAds said “BuySellAds has been connecting brands with digital advertising opportunities across high-quality, popular online publishers for over a decade. We specialize in contextual advertising to reach users where they are online, and now we’re taking that a step further to reach users offline with OneScreen.ai. We’re excited to partner with OneScreen.ai to expand our client offering into outdoor/offline advertising where we can add even more value for brands looking to amplify their ad campaigns.”

BuySellAds was founded to build a mutually beneficial ecosystem between publishers and advertisers. Online publishers partner with BuySellAds to connect with brands interested in reaching their unique audience. We create direct relationships that help publishers increase their ad revenue and advertisers grow their brand.