OnBoardTV / WightlinkTV

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

These folks rang to introduce themselves this week and it’s always nice to hear from new businesses. OnBoardTV tell us that “they work closely with transport providers to create self-funding digital signage solutions tailored to passenger demographics”.

It’s a joint venture with a company callled Planning Solutions Limited, that is a specialist operational management company in the fields of tourism, leisure and recreation.

In August 2007, OnboardTV began screening WightlinkTV (WLTV) across 60 screens on 5 car ferries and 2 passenger FastCats. Wightlink Limited is one of the UK’s largest domestic ferry operators running car ferries and FastCats between Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight.

The network will shortly increase to 100+ screens with two new Wightlink ferries and a third on order and more planned for the Wightlink passenger terminals.

WLTV claims to reach over 4 million passengers although that figure is likely to rise to 5.4 million when new Lymington / Yarmouth ferries enter service later in 2008.

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