Live With @DailyDOOH At #SamsungKX Take 2

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Last week during London Digital Signage Week we made full use of the excellent facilities at SamsungKX in London King’s Cross and recorded two programmes for DailyDOOH (on Tuesday), four videos as part of the Outsmart Standards Event (on Wednesday) as well as broadcasting from there on the Thursday afternoon, the AdTECH: OOH – London Conference on YouTube Live, complete with a live studio audience.

The second of our two ‘Live With DailyDOOH’ shows saw DPAA President and CEO Barry Frey, joined by Hivestack’s CRO Nigel Clarkson and Talon Outdoor’s Chief Strategy Officer Sophie Pemberton.

I hope you will watch, we think it was an innovative and interesting approach to getting viewpoints from various different people in the industry. We kept it to just under 45 minutes which is probably a bit long for the TikTok generation but perhaps with a cup of tea and a bun it’s viewable to you at your desk in the office or at home.

Big thanks to new (new to us) sponsors, Global, DAX and Talon Outdoor for helping us make this live broadcast quality production happen. Also a big hats off to the live events team at Stellar who are so professional (and helpful) and for SamsungKX for hosting us once again.

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