Data Jam Rolled Out By @Outdoor_Smart

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Smart Digital Network is introducing real-time audience monitoring technology to its portfolio across the UK with Data Jam following a successful trial of its mobile device counting technology on live sites.

Initially counting mobile device movements on over 100 screens across the U.K, the technology allowed Smart Digital Network to provide real-time, verified impression data on its screens to customers. Thew two companies have have since agreed a deal to roll out the technology in the UK across the business’ 300 small format screens, adding transparency, accountability and real-time impressions for each and every campaign the company oversees.

Julian Carter, commercial director at Smart Digital Network, told us “The partnership between Smart and Data Jam means agencies and clients can now power their decisions to include our digital OOH screens into their media mix, reaching huge, verified audiences with full motion video, and even audio capability to reach customers in a high dwell, captive environment. We now intend to roll this Data Jam tech across the rest of our network to deliver truly measurable, guaranteed audiences for our clients.”

The Jam Boxes identify those passing by the screens, by counting mobile signals through their privacy complaint technology, and feed that data into reports that allow Smart Digital Network to help its customers understand the true reach of the ads it serves and create more targeted campaigns to reach its clients.

Arran Javed, founder of Data Jam told us “Working with real data has always posed a huge challenge within OOH, and even when real data is being collected, it is always after the fact. Wouldn’t it be nice to know what a campaign delivered in the moment, and not months after once the data has been digested? Well now we can. Adding transparency and accountability to OOH audience like we’ve never before seen. We’re over the moon with the outcome from our extensive trial with the SDN team, and in providing real data in real time, we can start to truly unlock the potential of their digital OOH assets.”

This means Smart Digital Network can now accurately collect data while guaranteeing the privacy of passers-by, providing the company the real data required to provide accurate impressions – with one device only counted once per minute, ensuring that impressions are aligned to the 60” full motion digital loop. 

During the trial, data showed that on a weekly footfall of just over 4 million footfall, impressions were just over 22 million with 2-3 screens per location and people moving around-proving that digital OOH advertising can now be as transparent as online in terms of delivered actual impressions.

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