StreetMetrics Measure Its One-Billionth Mile

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

StreetMetrics, who specialize in measuring Moving Out-of-Home (MOOH) media tells us that it has now measured over one-billion miles of ads on vehicles – a major milestone for the moving out-of-home (MOOH) industry.

StreetMetrics currently measures moving media in 30 of the top 35 DMAs across the US, and internationally across Canada, Australia, Europe, and Central Asia.

We are told that it all started by measuring a single Spokesman Cycle Ads campaign in downtown Birmingham. Our goal was to answer the question, how effective are advertisements placed on vehicles? This goal was met with enthusiasm by the MOOH industry, and we were off to the races developing more robust tools for media operators.

Four years later, they’ve grown to measure 40,000 vehicles in over 40 cities in 10 different countries. Bikes, cars, taxis, box trucks, mobile-billboards, semi-trailers, trolleys, transit buses and more – they’ve just about measured anything that moves.

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