How To Place Screens In Stores In A Profitable Way?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

The question “How to place screens in stores in a profitable way?” is surely one of the most important questions for anyone setting up retail digital out of home networks.

It’s a question that POPAI have been good at trying to address over the last year or so though we think that CatchTheEye AS in Norway seem to have one of the better ‘takes’ on it.

They like to ask the obvious and then use common sense and a bit of ingenuity to come up with a few golden rules and their penchance for good statistical analysis, observation and market research helps too!

In their latest publication, they start with the question “How screens make money?” and answer it by saying…

  1. Strengthen Sales Promotion (and then list how)
  2. Increase Joint Marketing revenue
  3. New advertising income

This is the sort of publication that it’s worth paying for BUT the presentation is available free of charge if you drop an email to Tor Olav Haugen at

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